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About CTN


“The Christian Television Network is equipped to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in the world by satellite broadcasting, local on-air television stations, and many cable stations. Through television, we present the gospel in many unique ways to motivate believers, and provide them with helpful information about issues and current events.”         – Bob D’Andrea, CTN Founder and President.

In 1979, Bob D’Andrea founded the Christian Television Network. As president of the network, he used his passion for Christian television to develop a vision: broadcasting the gospel into every home in America. Since founding the network, D’Andrea has launched seventeen Christian Television Stations across the nation, and his vision continues to grow. Under D’Andrea’s supervision, every station has been launched with the following sign-on: “Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, is the one to whom this television station is dedicated.”

Nashville’s Christian Television Network has been broadcasting the gospel since June of 1986. Dedicated to distributing positive Christian programming, CTN strives to provide programs brimming with unique and wholesome values. These award-winning programs provide families and individuals from all walks of life with the best in Christian television today.

Broadcasting on CTN-WHTN will give your ministry an expanded platform to reach multitudes with your message. Whether you’re just getting started in media, or hoping to expand your outreach, we are happy to assist you and answer your questions. We have all the necessary tools to make your vision a reality. Get started today by downloading our media kit and filling out our contact form. You will receive a call back from our WHTN Station Manager Monica Schmelter.