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What does CTN stand for?

  • CTN stands for the Christian Television Network.

What channel are you on?

  • Visit our CHANNEL GUIDE to find out how you can watch WHTN on your TV today.

Where can I watch CTN nashville's live online stream?

How can I submit a prayer request?

  • You are welcome to call the station at 615-754-0039 during business hours to submit a prayer request over the phone, or you can submit prayer requests online HERE. You’ll be asked to give your name, e-mail address, and prayer request. Additionally, there will be a brief mathematical equation at the bottom of the prayer form that you’ll be asked to answer. (This eliminates automated spam and other issues.)

When did CTN Nashville get started? 

  • CTN Nashville, or WHTN, has been broadcasting Christian programming since June 1986. We are part of a much larger network called the Christian Television Network, which is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. We have 20 affiliate stations in the United States.

Was CTN Nashville always known as CTN Nashville?

  • No. It used to be called WHTN Channel 39, although it was still always apart of the nationwide CTN network.

When did CTN Nashville begin broadcasting Christian programming 24/7?

  • We began broadcasting Christian programming 24/7 on Saturday, June 17th, 2000.

How can I get in touch with CTN Nashville?

  • You may call the station at 615-754-0039 during business hours or CONTACT US online.

How can I check what times certain programs come on?

How can I find out about community outreach events or other happenings at the station?

  • Visit our home page regularly for updates on tapings, film festivals, and more.

I’m involved in a church or ministry, and we are trying to get the word out for an event we’re planning. How can I submit an event to be featured on your website’s community calendar?

  • Submit events such as church conferences, spiritual retreats, vacation Bible schools, Bible studies, and service days to our free community calendar. All event submissions should be sent at least two weeks prior to the event, but the earlier you submit your events, the more publicity we can provide for you, so plan ahead. CLICK HERE to fill out the form and submit!